Scotiabank Nuit Blanche

Zone B Exhibition Projects curated by Christina Ritchie

  1. Map #104: The Other Side

  2. Map #38: Darkning

  3. Map #89: All Together Now

  4. Map #86: All Night Convenience

  5. Map #47: The Way Things Are

  6. Map #77: Flat Space

  7. Map #70: Pair

  8. Map #45: Crystal Palace

  9. Map #43: Scenes from a Film I’ll Never Make, with Alternate Scores

  10. Map #37: Ambient Walk

  11. Map #41: Talk 2 Strangers

  12. Map #42: Outsiders2012

  13. Map #75: 9 Beet Stretch

  14. Map #72: Constricycle Crew

Curatorial Statement


Cities have shape and size; they have histories, constitutions, administrations and systems; they have rhythms, bodies and buildings. They are formed with all of these elements in relation to each other to make space for dwelling, commerce, ritual and play, giving expression to memories, chronicles, secrets and desires. We can discover something about the heart, mind and soul of the city by the passage of our bodies through its built form. Each of the artists selected for the exhibition works with specific elements of urban experience to construct relationships that go beyond the usual patterns of time, scale or movement, demonstrating that our urban destiny is both more fluid and more imaginary than its built form suggests.

— Christina Ritchie

Commissioned Projects

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Open Call Projects

To encourage involvement by a wide range of artists – established and emerging – each exhibition includes projects selected by the curators through an open call process.

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Curator Biography

Christina Ritchie is an independent curator based in Toronto. She has a long history of institutional practice, most recently as the Director of the Contemporary Art Gallery in Vancouver, and before that as Curator at the Art Gallery of Ontario, Video Curator at Art Metropole, and Co-director of the Foundation of Art Resources in Los Angeles. She attended the Nova Scotia College of Art and Design and has an extensive record of community service.