Scotiabank Nuit Blanche

Zone B Exhibition Project

Outsiders2012, 2012
Photo: micky renders

Suitable for all ages

Thank you to 3M, Brett Alton and Mark McNeilly.

Outsiders2012, 2012

Ramune Luminaire - Big Cedar, Canada
Judith Mason - Peterborough, Canada
Micky Renders - Peterborough, Canada
Anne Renouf - Peterborough, Canada
Kim Renders - Kingston, Canada

Interaction Installation

Outsiders2012 highlights the way we treat strangers. With interest?  With suspicion?  With an open heart?  With contempt?  The Outsiders want to be included. How will people at Scotiabank Nuit Blanche respond to an invitation to participate in a project where openness and hospitality lie at its heart?

Throughout the night Outsiders will appear around the downtown core. Life-sized, luminous, human-like forms are visiting Toronto for the first time. They need your help. “If you find me, take me with you, take a photo, pass me on. Post photos to Twitter or Facebook (Outsiders2012)."

Follow what happens by visiting the Outsiders' Headquarters at the Urban Eatery in the lower level of the Toronto Eaton Centre. Each Outsider will be dispatched from HQ and go somewhere downtown.  Watch the live streaming of uploaded images, and track the experiences of the Outsiders as they unfold. This project can also be followed on Twitter and Facebook (Outsiders2012).

Seeingred artists live and work outside Toronto in what often feels like a parallel universe. Their mission is to bring art into people's daily lives, often moving beyond traditional exhibition sites, into public spaces and onto the streets.

Seeingred is a fluid collective of artists who share an interest in social commentary and a wish to make art more accessible. Recent shows include: Galerie Centrale Montreal, Anna Leonowenz Gallery at NSCAD, Artspace and the Art Gallery of Peterborough, The Campus Gallery in Barrie, Station Gallery in Whitby and The Artist's Project Toronto.


Toronto Eaton Centre
220 Yonge Street (In the Urban Eatery)

This project is indoors.