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CRINGEWORTHY! The Best of the Worst Videos Online, 2013

Parental guidance advised

TIFF ( Toronto International Film Festival Inc )

CRINGEWORTHY! The Best of the Worst Videos Online

Andrew Gunadie - London, Canada
Andrew Bravener - Toronto, Canada

Film Installation

Cringeworthy! aims to explore some of the best “worst” video content and hidden gems found in online communities like YouTube and Reddit. It will be an interactive screening that incorporates live commentary from our hosts and audience members. Each hour, our hosts will present a carefully curated selection of different videos: found footage, videoblogs & rants, music videos, and commercials. Throughout each show, our hosts & audience will critically (and honestly) examine the works presented: why do they exist, what makes them so bad that they’re good, and why did the creators feel compelled to share these videos with the world?

In some cases, the original creators will be available via pre-recorded video, or in person, to expand on their motivations. Ten minutes in each show will also be dedicated to live commenting on a YouTube video!

Andrew Gunadie (gunnarolla) and Andrew Bravener have over 20 million views on YouTube, and a combined subscription base of over 100,000 viewers.


One show every hour, beginning on the hour.


TIFF Bell Lightbox, 350 King Street West (This project will be in Cinema 2, located on the 2nd Floor), 1-888-599-8433

This project is indoors.