Scotiabank Nuit Blanche


hot stuff for lovers / super magic razorblade / dream boy / no cover charge, 2013

Mature content, suitable for audiences 18+

The White House Studio Project


Khalid Al Nasser - Toronto, Canada
Nathaniel Addison - Hamilton, Canada
Aleks Berland - Toronto, Canada

Interactive Installation

Welcome to PATPONG2000 night bazaar.

PATPONG2000 is cosmetically discreet.
PATPONG2000 is an escapist fantasy.
PATPONG2000 is an augmented journey.

Augmented Reality is an emerging technology that uses mobile electronic devices (smart-phones and tablets) to overlay computer generated information onto real-time live feed of an environment. AR enhances and manipulates one's current perception of reality through the integration of appurtenant sensory output.


The White House Studio Project, 277.5 Augusta Avenue

This project is indoors.