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VHS Fever Dream, 2013

Parental guidance advised

TIFF ( Toronto International Film Festival Inc )

VHS Fever Dreams

Colin Geddes - Toronto, Canada
Jeremy Gillespie - Toronto, Canada
Steven Kostanski - Toronto, Canada

Film Installation

An intensely hypnotic visual and aural collage of subconscious and latent memories from the age of magnet tape. Is it real or is it Memorex?

VHS FEVER DREAMS will be a looped visual installation, a compilation of images pulled from old VHS tapes, evoking the nostalgia of handwritten labels, forgotten old shows and inexplicable commercials recorded endlessly over each other, tape worn out from repeated viewing, memories fading as the tape slackens with age. Is VHS a cultural relic, a technology that will soon be relgated into the same dusty annals as kinoscopes, super-8 and magic lanterns? Or will it experience the same nostalgic revival as the record player? Will “video store clerk” soon have the same whimsical antiquarian ring to it as “switchboard operator”, or is the rebirth and rennaisance of the VHS era close at hand?

VHS dream team: Colin Geddes -midnight madness programmer, Jeremy Gillespie -visual artist and composer, and Steven Kostanski -sfx make-up artist.


TIFF Bell Lightbox, 350 King Street West (This project will be in Cinema 1, located on the 2nd Floor), 1-888-599-8433

This project is indoors.