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Art Objects (Ma Babies) batch 3, 2013

Suitable for all ages

Paulina Wiszowata

Art Objects (Ma Babies) batch 3

Paulina Wiszowata - Toronto, Canada


Challenging the precious notions of painting and sculpture, I infiltrate the art community by selecting detritus from other artist's work, only to transform it into art-objects and then distribute to the viewer. This ephemerality in my work establishes a dematerializing value system determined by the inter-personal relationships between artist, object, and viewer. Replacing the object with a photograph of this gesture I transform the object into a concept or idea.

By generating an effortless appearance with calculated gestures, I critique the very idea of myself as an artist through self-reflexivity. I see myself as both in and outside of the art community. Through the exchange of objects and ideas I turn individuals into performers and they become my material alongside the objects and ideas.

Paulina is a recent graduate of OCAD U.


bulthaup Toronto, 280 King Street East

This project is indoors.