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Lorenzo Oggiano, from Quasi Object series, mocked-up on subway screen, 2012

Suitable for all ages

Pattison Onestop and Art for Commuters

Drift : Synthesis

Marcin Ignac - London, UK
Lorenzo Oggiano - Sassari, Italy

Video Installation

A series of short video clips featuring beautiful, elaborate, impossible organisms created through 3D modeling and generative art practices explore biomechanical processes.

Ignac’s videos are from a generative encyclopedia of imaginary sea creatures that explores the border between fictional and theoretically possible. 

Oggiano’s 3D cinematic environments aim to stimulate dialogue on the progressive relativisation of natural forms of life as a result of techno-biological evolution.

Micro-processing, prosthetics, nanotechnology, cybernetic and bioinformatic research are just some of the current practices that blur the boundaries between what is considered natural and synthetic. DRIFT: Synthesis brings these two artists together as part of an exploration of this ever-evolving relationship between biological and synthetic forms.

Generative artist Marcin Ignac and media artist Lorenzo Oggiano are both engaged in the exploration of synthetic processes and biological organisms.


300+ TTC subway platform screens across Toronto., Yonge & Bloor

This project is indoors.