Scotiabank Nuit Blanche

Zone B Independent Project

Free Spirit, 2012
Photo: Andrew Cheddie Sookrah

Mature content, suitable for audiences 18+

The Arts & Letters Club of Toronto

Black Light (White Night)

The Arts & Letters Club of Toronto - Toronto, Canada

Multimedia Installation and Performance Art

On the stage of the Great Hall the audience waits for the curtain to open on a unique performance. When the lights go up, what will they see?

Creative chaos ensues as the artists of the Arts & Letters Club take over the great hall to perform, paint, sculpt, dance, read and much more in 10 minute bursts of inspired presentation.

This project combines the creativity of a diverse range of artists, from areas such as theatre, visual art, music, literature and architecture.


14 Elm Street (Between Yonge Street and Bay Street)

This project is indoors.