Scotiabank Nuit Blanche

Zone B Independent Project

Rivers, 2011

Suitable for all ages

The Canadian Music Centre

Earth's Shadow

William Beauvais - Toronto, Canada
John Kameel Farah - Toronto, Canada
Terrill Maguire - Toronto, Canada
Steve Lucas - Toronto, Canada

Performing Arts

The transfiguration of night and day inspire a stunning array of music and dance. Moving through the performance space, visitors will experience the dynamic interplay of rhythm, movement, shadow and light.  The prevalence of darkness while  being sealed in the earth's shadow inspires a performance that includes choreographed and improvised elements.  Bordered by the fading light of day, and the sun's resurgence, the artists will express our physical and emotional response to the undulating characteristics of the night which connote fear, anonymity, and escape.


Chalmers House
20 St. Joseph Street, 416-961-6601

This project is indoors.