Scotiabank Nuit Blanche

Zone B Independent Project

Flash (Ogyo Ichishima, Laquerware), 1996

Suitable for all ages

The Japan Foundation, Toronto

Contemporary Japanese Crafts

Group Exhibition

Craft Exhibition

In modern times, Japanese crafts have retained traditional forms while allowing for the expression of the artist’s individual temperament.

Some artisans adhere to a traditional artistic view, while others incorporate ideas from the West, such as Art Deco and Constructivism. Some emphasize practical functionality, while others seek to express new artistic concepts in concrete form, or to re-examine the meaning of the materials themselves.

This exhibit identifies several themes in contemporary Japanese crafts and presents representative works, including lacquerware, porcelain, wood, glassware and ceramics.

Works are grouped according to the following themes:

Ostentation, Quiet Refinement, Crispness, Fine Details, Deformation, Flowers and Birds.


131 Bloor Street West (Suite 213), 416-966-1600

This project is indoors.