Scotiabank Nuit Blanche

Zone B Independent Project

Street Art Showcase, 2012

Suitable for all ages

Street Art Showcase

Concrete Canvases

Street Art Showcase

Digital Street Art Installation

Integrating street art with new media technology, we are bringing local graffiti and street art out of the back alleys and transforming an everyday building in to a large-scale canvas.

Using interactive technologies, we are transforming the site in to a nexus of creative engagement; where visitors are invited to become artists themselves by creating their own works, as part of the project.

By examining how we write, explore and, ultimately understand our city through the practice of 'urban inscription'- understood not simply in terms of what it might represent-particularly given the debates about street art's status as 'art' or 'crime' but as an inclusive social practice.

Curated by Simone Rojas-Pick


Joe Fresh
589 Queen Street West (Queen and Portland)

This project is outdoors.