Scotiabank Nuit Blanche

Zone B Independent Project

Analogue drum machine, 2012
Photo: Naomi Yasui

Suitable for all ages

Art Gallery of Ontario

Made it Then, Make it Again

Heather Goodchild - Toronto, Canada
Naomi Yasui - Toronto, Canada
Josh Hall - Toronto, Canada
Doug Paisley - Toronto, Canada

Performance Art

Made it Then, Make it Again is artist Heather Goodchild's participatory multi-faceted project which evolves as a choreographed and romanticized vision of manufacturing processes. Working with artists Naomi Yasui, Josh Hall and musician Doug Paisley, Goodchild presents communal assembly line work as a fulfilling occupation which contributes to personal and social well being.

This project will use the AGO's Weston Family Learning Centre as its stage throughout the 12 hours of Scotiabank Nuit Blanche, and include over 100 workers performing together in a choreography of systemized fabrication married with song and movement. Throughout the night, the public will witness the mass fabrication of uniforms, drinking cups, chairs and screen-printed wallpaper that will transform the AGO studio from a blank space into a hive of labour-based activity.

Goodchild and her collaborators explore rituals, symbols and craft techniques to create an artwork that seems to exist both in the past and present.


317 Dundas Street West (Entry near the corner of Beverley and Dundas Street West.), 416-979-6660

This project is indoors.