Scotiabank Nuit Blanche

Zone B Independent Project

Queen Street, 2010
Photo: Victoria Fisher

Suitable for all ages

Abilities Arts Festival

The Queen Street Cartography - Year 1

Abilities Arts Festival

Photography, Performance and Mixed Media Installation

Queen Street is a great "leveler." And the Queen Streetcar carries its cargo of life-long city dwellers and new arrivals of (almost) every stripe and class along the entire length of T.O.'s vibrant east-west corridor. What the Queen Car is not, however, is accessible. Not yet, anyway.

A Queen Street Cartography is a heady mash-up of photography, performance, music and intimate "podplays" - an exploration and re-mapping of the city and its people through a disability lens.

Led by BC comedian, media artist and performer Jan Derbyshire, a wildly diverse and highly accomplished company of musicians, storytellers, and photographers present a rich new map of Toronto's iconic street.

Abilities Arts Festival (10th annual) is a multidisciplinary forum for the creation and presentation of work by artists with disabilities.


OCAD Open Gallery, 49 McCaul Street (East side of McCaul Street, north of Queen Street West)

This project is both indoors and outdoors.