Scotiabank Nuit Blanche

Zone B Independent Project

Canyon by Gloria Stein, 2011
Photo: Jalani Morgan

Suitable for all ages

Artist Cooperative of Canada

Transformative Motion

Elizabeth Greisman - Toronto , Canada
Frith Bail - Toronto, Canada
Barbara Cook - Toronto, Canada
Radha Chaddah - Toronto, Canada
Rae Johnson - Toronto, Canada
Wendy Wobeser - Kingston, Canada
Margaret Meban - Kingston, Canada
Ilana Manolson - Boston, USA
Richard Beaty - Toronto, Canada
Artist Cooperative of Canada - Toronto, Canada
Hathorah Sound Collective - Toronto, Canada
The Human Media Lab - Kingston, Canada


In an exhibition exploring motion and metamorphosis, artists create a lit path with sculpture, video, painting, and installation art on the six acres of Spadina Museum's gardens.

Projects will emphasize the passage of time and explore how time and motion change all animate and inanimate things.

Artists will become agents of transformative motion as they portray light, form and energy with intentional changes in speed, scale and visual layers.

Ten artists,the Human Media Lab and the Hathorah Sound Collective will provide an exceptional visual arts event on the vast grounds of Spadina Museum.


Spadina Museum, 285 Spadina Road Toronto, 416-392-6910

This project is outdoors.