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Before Day Break

Fort York

Join curator Magda Gonzalez-Mora at Fort York along Fort York Boulevard between Spadina Avenue and Strachan Avenue.

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  Pick up a map at the Fort York Visitor Centre (North of Fort York Boulevard and Fleet Street intersection).


Curatorial Statement

Before Day Break

Before Day Break contemplates a sensitive artistic practice. Evoking the complexity of life itself, artists from diverse regions will offer singular perspectives in an attempt to cover different angles of reality. Through these practices they enable the audience to turn the ordinary into extraordinary artistic memory. Like the pixels in a photograph, human relationships, religion, socio-political and cultural behaviour are among the themes used to present a deeper message that speaks to the universality of the human experience. Motivated to challenge and surprise the viewer’s expectations, this vibrant environment will invite reflection on contemporary history, while juxtaposing it to Canada’s quest for inclusion and plurality. All of this leads to satisfaction of the eye and the intellect. Before Day Break defends and trusts the restorative power of art.

— Magda Gonzalez-Mora


Magda Gonzalez-Mora is an Independent Curator and advisor from Toronto and curator for the Sherritt Collection of Contemporary Cuban Art of the Art Gallery of Ontario. She was a founder of the Wifredo Lam Contemporary Art Centre in Havana, Cuba and a member of the curatorial team for seven editions of the Havana Biennale. Specializing in contemporary art, particularly from the developing world, she curates shows primarily in Latin America, Europe and North America. She was the co-curator of the Cuban section for the 1st Johannesburg Biennale and the 1st Dakar Art Biennale, is a member of the International Association of Contemporary Art Curators (IKT) and holds a MA in Art History from Havana University.

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