Scotiabank Nuit Blanche

Before Day Break curated by Magda Gonzalez-Mora

Still from animation of Absolute Space installation, 2014

Suitable for all ages


Callum Schuster - Toronto, Canada
Brady Bothwell - Ilderton, Canada
David Nolan - Peterborough, Canada

New Media Installation

Using smoke and lasers to create a false sense of perspective Absolute Space is an installation that offers an experience to see how our eyes perceive. When entering the cubed room the viewer will see sets of lasers drawing grids through smoke to create a false sense of space within the room. In this way there is a powerful phenomenon of how our environment can affect our physical, mental and emotional well being. This is an experience in looking at looking.

Callum Schuster - Painter, sculptor, new media installation artist from Toronto. Represented by O'Born Contemporary.

Brady Bothwell - Creative engineer, coder and musician living in Toronto. 

David Nolan - Engineer and fabricator, specializing in custom wood and metalwork. Based in Toronto

Combining Schuster's artistic vision, Bothwell's creative coding with Nolan's fabrication skills this teams is producing an immersive visual experience by applying the theory and psychology of perspective in the picture plane to 3D space.


Fort York, Garrison Common

100 Garrison Road (Located in the middle of Garrison Common, the open green space immediately west of Fort York.)

This project is outdoors.