Scotiabank Nuit Blanche

Before Day Break curated by Magda Gonzalez-Mora

Ascendent Line, 2009

Suitable for all ages

Ascendent Line, 2008

Wilfredo Prieto - Trinidad, Cuba


Ascendent Line, is an attempt to explore world orders that defy geo-political definition. A red carpet-flag allows the audience to experience the glamour of walking down the catwalk, while unexpectedly being confronted with different political ideas regarding the fall of totalitarian systems.  

Conceptual artist Wilfredo Prieto explores the power of humor as an artistic strategy in his installations and interventions. Prieto makes visual puns in literal yet unexpected ways and always subverts typical expectations of a gallery space. His medium keeps changing, it depends on the particular idea or the concept he is working on and he never gets attached to any way of working. Most of the time, the missing elements in Prieto's work are obvious. Prieto's work has been collected by major museums in Europe and North America.


Fort York National Historic Site

100 Garrison Road

This project is outdoors.