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Everything and Nothing, 2014

Suitable for all ages

Everything and Nothing, 2014

Kelly Mark - Welland, Canada

Live Performance and Video Installation

The performance takes the form of a back and forth dialogue between a man and a woman. Each reads from a prepared script in the form of a book of 100 phrases each. The woman recites phrases each beginning with the word "everything" and the man responds with a list of phrases beginning with the word "nothing".

Kelly Mark has always had a preoccupation with the differing shades of pathos and humour found in everyday life. Hidden in the repetitive mundane tasks, routines and rituals of contemporary culture, she finds startling moments of poetic individuation. This "imprint of the individual," although subtle and frequently paradoxical, is something she repeatedly returns to. Mark has exhibited widely in Canada and overseas at venues including Art Gallery of Ontario, Liverpool Biennale, 2006; and the Sydney Biennale in 1998.


Performance schedule available soon


Toronto Public Library, Fort York Branch

190 Fort York Boulevard

This project is both indoors and outdoors.