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Open Mind, 2014

Suitable for all ages

Open Mind, 2014

Yoan Capote - Pinar del Rio, Cuba


Our mind should be like a space with no barriers, open to exchange of ideas and thoughts of all people, regardless of cultural, political or religious differences. The piece builds a public space for meditation, where interaction or free movement of individuals within this walkable sculpture, may be associated with the complex operation and synchronicity of neurons within our brains.

Yoan Capote is one of the most influential Cuban artists of this decade. He considers sculpture as a way of developing three-dimensional and multi-sensory possibilities. His work, known to be provocative and non-conformist, deals principally with interactions between individuals and objects. Capote has exhibited his work in prestigious exhibitions including the 6th and 10th Havana Biennale, 2000, 2009; 54th Venice Biennale (2011), and has received the International Fellowship Grant, Guggenheim Foundation.


Canoe Landing Park

95 Fort York Boulevard

This project is outdoors.