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The (Re)Generator Project, 2013

Suitable for all ages

Supported by donations from the H&M; Garment Collecting Initiative.

Sustainability is an important part of H&M’s offering, and H&M strives to reduce the environmental impact of clothes throughout their lifecycle. Learn more about the H&M Garment Collecting Initiative.

The (Re)Generator Project, 2013

Chinedu Ukabam - Toronto, Canada
Gabrielle Lasporte - Toronto, Canada

Interactive Multimedia Installation

The [RE] GENERATOR Project is an interactive multimedia installation that explores the concept of “RE” (REcycling, REmixing, REinventing, REusing, REpurposing etc) using elements of fashion design, visual art, social media and projection mapping. It is guided by the Akan ideology of Sankofa which states, “It is not wrong to go back for that which you have forgotten.”

The [RE] GENERATOR Project will incorporate Gabrielle Lasporte’s organic exploration of “flow” using the Modern Batik technique and Chinedu Ukabam’s digital remix of African patterns and mashup of fashion silhouettes. The installation will close the loop between the creators and their audience, allowing them to “weave” their own inspiration into the installation in real time. A special hashtag will be revealed on the website ( before the installation goes live, making it possible to upload an image or pattern into the installation using Instagram. The selection process will be crowd-sourced using the number of “likes” or comments.

Join the conversation online by sharing  ideas of “RE”, from personal projects to found examples, on the project’s tumblr ( using the hashtag #regenerator2013, #HMRegeneration and #snbto.

Chinedu Ukabam lives to create. Aside from his Chinedesign label, he has directed short films and exhibitions for TD’s “Then and Now” and globetrots with the SUPAFRIK pop-up. Gabrielle Lasporte is a passionate creator. She divides her time between her studio Gxcentrik Design and exploring Modern Batik and other art forms under ByGabrielle.


H&M; Eaton's Centre, Yonge St & Dundas St (Best viewed from the south-west corner of Yonge and Dundas.)

This project is both indoors and outdoors.