Scotiabank Nuit Blanche


League, 2012
Photo: Germaine Koh

Suitable for all ages

Museum of Contemporary Canadian Art

The n Games

League - Vancouver, Canada
Germaine Koh - Vancouver, Canada
Department of Biological Flow - Toronto, Canada

Performance Art

A tournament of invented sports, involving the audience as players. The games to be played range from vigorous to cerebral, straightforward to strategic, testing players' creative problem-solving skills.

The ongoing project gathers community members for the purpose of playing invented games and sports that evolve through iteration. It is a sandbox for experiments around improvisation, performance, co-operation, and strategy. We believe in unconventional approaches to challenges, and tackling situations with both mind and body.

League is a Vancouver group launched by artist Germaine Koh, who gather to play invented games and sports as a form of creative problem-solving.


MOCCA, 952 Queen Street West (Find us in the courtyard in front of MOCCA), 1-778-317-9745

This project is outdoors.