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Negative Industries: Nothing is better, 2013

Suitable for all ages

Negative Industries

Nothing is better

Robert Scott - Toronto, Canada
Charles Rowland - Toronto, Canada
Ferenc Szabo - Toronto, Canada

Synchronized multi-screen video, music, sound, live performance.

A surreal science musical documentary. An energetic, amusing and thought-provoking report on the condition of man from the other side of zero. 

NOMANSLAND: "When you get down to nothing, you're only half-way there". An allegorical journey from the city's outskirts to its heart of darkness.

NI THEME: "There is no Negative Industries. There is no conspiracy of people working against themselves, turning pluses into minuses."

ARROW OF TIME: Alternative history. The story of a government experiment in time plunging out of control.

TIME MACHINE GUN: "It shoots in all directions, everywhere, all at once".   Archival film and music loops. An impressionistic exploration of time and mortality.   

UNFUN:  A roller coaster ride to global warming. A surreal game show. Hot sun.  Melting sand.  "It's no Palm Beach."

Length: 25 min. total, repeated half-hourly.


Church of the Redeemer, 162 Bloor Street West

This project is indoors.