Scotiabank Nuit Blanche


Visualization, 2013

Suitable for all ages

Alex Kurina & Finlay Braithwaite

Echo Chasm

Alex Kurina - Toronto, Canada
Finlay Braithwaite - Toronto, Canada
Ryan Hays - Ottawa, Canada
Foundation Studio - Toronto, Canada

Interactive Installation

Echo Chasm is a collaboration between Alex Kurina Finlay Braithwaite, Ryan V. Hays and Foundation Studio. This immersive video and sound installation invites participants to interact with echoes of themselves as they move around a massive column of light. Users watch, listen and play with instances of their previous selves as they float upwards into the sky.

Alex Kurina, Finlay Braithwaite and Ryan V. Hays are members of a downtown artist collective. Together they produce immersive interactive art.


Royal Bank Plaza, 200 Bay Street

This project is indoors.