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Zone B Independent Project

Jelly Genes, 2012
Photo: Tonya Hart

Suitable for all ages

Tonya Hart

The Jelly Gene Machine

Tonya Hart - Toronto, Canada


At the epicenter of consumerism in downtown Toronto, The Jelly Gene Machine dispenses jelly beans inscribed with super human traits like x-ray vision, telepathy and invisibility. Personalizing genetics like trying on a pair of jeans may sound like science fiction, except the debate is both historic and contemporary.

Eugenics has always been a controversial subject. Advancements in science and technology which aim to manipulate genetic structure instigate moral and ethical debate.  The study of eugenics has its root in evolutionary biology; however it is infamously associated with the horrors of the Nazi regime. As a result, eugenics is explored with trepidation in the realm of science and technology. In our onward march to improve the human race, genetic manipulation continues to raise new questions along the growing possibilities. 

Tonya Hart explores nature as muse: as source of inspiration, manipulation and transformation through a myriad of scales and media. 


10 Dundas East, 10 Dundas Street East

This project is indoors.