Scotiabank Nuit Blanche

Zone B Independent Project

Artifakt Rendering, 2012

Suitable for all ages

The Toronto School of Art - Michel Mersereau

The Profane & The Sacred

Michel Mersereau - Toronto, Canada

Interactive Installation

The project addresses dominant curatorial practices by interpolating sacred art form with profane, community based story creation. As the artifact (a handmade piece of furniture) is created in real time, audience members are invited to contribute to the narrative elements which will be transcribed onto the finished piece.

Artifacts are products of the human condition, conveyed through a multiplicity of thoughts, images and forms. Artifacts are the substance of discursive processes that bind us together as a species. They represent the museums of memory and knowledge that constellate the experiences of our species through the lens of the present, and are simultaneously reminiscent of the past. Artifacts reflect our experience and unknowing; dialogue and silence; semantics and rhetoric; design and chance; hierarchy and anarchy; symptom and desire.

Michel Mersereau is a commercial and visual artist based in Toronto, Canada. Mersereau has exhibited his work in public and private venues alike.


Toronto School of Art, 410 Adelaide Street West (3rd Floor)

This project is indoors.