Scotiabank Nuit Blanche

Zone B Independent Project

This Is Where It's At, 2011
Photo: Lewis Nicholson

Suitable for all ages

Queen St. West Business Improvement Area (BIA)


workparty - Toronto, Canada


Duke's Cycle is the site of an old-fashioned, 3D diorama that forms a shop window display engaging audiences with pertinent Toronto issues placed in a broader Canadian and global context.

The 'shop window' provides a suitably iconic and ironic setting for both a seductive aesthetic and subtle but subversive agenda, especially at this critical time when our relationship to consumption is in dire need of re-evaluation.

Curated by Earl Miller

workparty is an evolving collective of artists and designers based in Toronto.


Duke's Cycle, 625 Queen Street West, 416-384-2946

This project is indoors.