Scotiabank Nuit Blanche

Zone B Independent Project

Memory Cubes, 2012

Suitable for all ages

Queen St. West Business Improvement Area (BIA)

Memory Cubes

Bentley and Simon Jarvis - London, Canada


Images of passersby's are captured on video camera & projected on "memory cubes" in a storefront.

They are dropped in to a bleak, artificial landscape. The cubes bounce & spin around the landscape like dry leaves. Tossed & disturbed by invisible forces, the memory cubes gradually pile up in to trembling drifts as the night progresses. When the cubes collide with each other or with the walls & structures populating their artificial environment, they trigger evolving electroacoustic sounds.

Memory Cubes was created by Bentley & Simon Jarvis, a father/son multimedia production team. Bentley has taught in the Integrated Media department of OCAD University since 1984. Simon studied Earth Sciences at the University of Waterloo & is currently investigating the artistic applications of hyper-dimensional transformations & deformations. 

Curated by Earl Miller


Roma Rush, 504 Queen Street West, 416-384-2946

This project is outdoors.