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Still from the film: Until the End of the World, 1991
Photo: Robby Müller

Parental guidance advised

With assistance from Hal Jackman Foundation

Symposium – Until the End of the World, 2012

Public Access - Toronto, Canada

Symposium and Film Screening

Three world renowned philosophers: Arthur Kroker, Brenda Longfellow and Slavoj Žižek consider the profound ecological and economic issues that confront the Planet in 2012. The symposium is inspired by the Wim Wenders film of the same title, Until the End of the World. The director's cut will be screened after the last talk. The symposium is organized by Christine Davis, Janine Marchessault and Scott MacKenzie for the journal PUBLIC: Art/Culture/Ideas. This intense symposium explores a shift from global consciousness to planetary awareness in a world of radical interdependencies where ecology must win out over political economy, where a history of the world must become a history of the Earth. The symposium explores the very concept and reality (ecology and economy) of end times. What does it mean to say that the world is ending? Has capitalism come to an end? What is left behind? The Symposium will be held in Toronto City Hall Council Chambers.

Watch live streaming video of the Symposium on Rogers TV Cable 10/63 in Toronto/

Public Access, a non-profit charitable organization founded in 1986, is directed by a collective of Canadian artists, curators, and educators. Collective members bring their expertise and involvement in art, academic, and literary communities to explore new spaces and technologies for the curation of contemporary art. Art/Culture/Ideas is an intrinsic aspect of this commitment to thinking about public space and public art. The collective also regularly organizes public talks and symposia.


7:30 – 9:00 pm - Techne
Presenter: Arthur Kroker, Moderator: Susan Ruddick
9:15 - 10:45 pm - Bios
Presenter: Brenda Longfellow, Moderator: Kenneth Rogers
11:00 - 12:30 am - Capital
Presenter: Slavoj Žižek, Moderator: Matthew Flisfeder
1:00 am - Until the End of the World - Film Screening


Toronto City Hall, Council Chambers, 100 Queen Street West (Accessible via Green Podium Roof, east side. Live audio only on Green Podium Roof, west side and Bay Street parking garage entrance.)

This project is indoors.