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City Hall Project

Civilization (Megaplex) - Heaven Detail, 2010
Photo: Courtesy of Christopher Grimes Gallery

Parental guidance advised

With assistance from Christopher Grimes Gallery - Santa Monica, Future Cinema Lab - York University, Public Access and The Vanity

Civilization (Megaplex), 2010

Marco Brambilla - New York, USA

Video Installation

Civilization (Megaplex) is a multi-layered tableau interconnecting images that illustrate a contemporary, satirical take on the concepts of eternal punishment and celestial reward. More than 300 individual channels of looped video are blended into an expansive landscape that continuously scrolls upwards, from the depths of hell into the gates of heaven.

Marco Brambilla is a Milan-born, New York-based video artist whose work has been exhibited in major private and public collections including the Kunsthalle Bern, the Guggenheim Museum, the San Francisco Museum of Modern Art and the New Museum of Contemporary Art. His video installations have also been screened at Venice Film Festival (2011), Sundance Film Festival (2012) and will be in this year’s Cannes. In May 2011, Brambilla's first major retrospective opened at the Santa Monica Museum of Art.  


Toronto City Hall, Rotunda, 100 Queen Street West

This project is indoors.