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Zone C Independent Project

Life Lessons, 2012

Suitable for all ages


Life Lessons

Tomori Nagamoto - Toronto, Canada

New Media Installation

Tomori Nagamoto's project, Life Lessons is a collection of hand-drawn portraits of 311 Torontonians with their favourite motivational or inspirational quote.

"Community innovators, such as local politicians, company presidents, festival organizers, critics, writers, artists, musicians, curators, local business owners and students that contribute to Toronto's vibrant diverse character and who I am continually inspired by are featured. It is more than a gallery of portraits, but it represents a snapshot of present day Torontonians."

The project will be exhibited using a latest technology of full HD TV screens that will display a life-sized image of each subject.

Known for his large-scale ball-point pen drawings, contemporary artist Tomori Nagamoto’s works has been exhibited and published internationally.


333 Dundas Street East (East of Sherbourne Street), 416-249-0788

This project is both indoors and outdoors.