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Zone C Independent Project

Scan this code for more information on the QR Poetry Project., 2012

Suitable for all ages

Independent Youth Project

Michael Jursic and the Equinox Arts Collective

The QR Poetry Project

The Equinox Arts Collective - Toronto, Canada
Michael Jursic - Toronto, Canada
Peri Aggarwal - Richmond Hill, Canada

Interactive Installation

The QR Poetry Project engages viewers by having them scan paintings using their own smartphone in order to activate the work. The act of scanning the large-scale QR code paintings will reveal each to be an original poem on the theme of night. 

The viewer will possess their own copy of the collection of poems, which they can take away with them on their smartphone, and reread later at will. Viewers will have the opportunity of considering the QR code in an entirely new light; rather than as a ubiquitous tool of advertising, or a SKU number, as an interesting hybridity of art and utility.  It invites viewers to consider the artistic potential of formerly utilitarian electronic features of the streetscape.

Participants will be required to download QR code reader software to install on their smartphone. Freeware is available for all platforms.

The Equinox Arts Collective is a school based group led by Michael Jursic and dedicated to the union of new media and artistic concepts.


St. James Park & various locations in Zone C
King Street East & Jarvis Street (Begin at this location. Use the QR Code on the sign here to find the rest of our locations.)

This project is both indoors and outdoors.