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Independent Projects

Whiting Out, 2014
Photo: Rodgers

Suitable for all ages

The IRIS Group


The IRIS Group - Oshawa, Canada
Francine Fortier - Oshawa, Canada
Gary Greenwood - Oshawa, Canada
Ruth Latimer - Oshawa, Canada
Judith A. Mason - Peterborough, Canada
Holly McClellan - Bethany, Canada
Sean McQuay - Whitby, Canada
Anne O'Callaghan - Toronto, Canada
Margaret Rodgers - Oshawa, Canada
Sally Thurlow - Whitby, Canada
Wendy Wallace - Oshawa, Canada
Jean-Michel Komarnicki - Courtice, Canada
Helen Bajorek-MacDonald - Courtice, Canada
Laura Hair - Whitby, Canada


What is revealed? What is concealed?  

Through painting, photography, sculpture and multi-media, artists explore ideas connected to a covering up, whiting out – creating a
Hemingway-like tip of the iceberg.

The concept is not only a therapeutic painterly clearing the slate but also filled with aesthetic possibilities.  Each artist interprets the concept within the parameters of personal discourse.

IRIS is a Durham Region-based collective of women artists. IRIS and invited colleagues explore the idea of white out–that less is more, or maybe not.


TAC Art/Work Gallery

568 Richmond Street West (West of Portland Street)

This project is indoors.