Scotiabank Nuit Blanche

Independent Projects

Spectrum Music Presents, 2013
Photo: Patric McGroaty

Suitable for all ages

Spectrum Music


Matthew Roberts - Toronto, Canada
Ben Dietschi - Toronto, Canada
Shannon Graham - Toronto, Canada
Jesse Dietschi - Toronto, Canada
Heather Segger - Toronto, Canada
Spectrum Music - Toronto, Canada

Sound Installation

Interface is an interactive sound installation/live musical performance where YOU help guide the collective creation.

Eight speakers/sensors are arranged in a circle, pointing at an improvising musician at the center. The audience is invited to bridge a connection between the musician and a sensor, by touching both the musician and the sensor simultaneously. A computer detects this connection and plays a recorded loop through the speaker associated with the sensor. By connecting the musician to various combinations of sensors, the audience collectively creates a collage of recorded sounds that the musician then responds to in their improvisations.

Twelve different artists will be performing throughout the night, changing every hour.

Presented by Spectrum Music, Interface is a fun experience that challenges the boundaries between audience and performer.

Interface was conceived and constructed by Toronto composer/bassist Matthew Roberts, and produced in conjunction with Spectrum Music.


New performer every hour from 7pm to 7am.


Artscape Youngplace

180 Shaw Street, 416 923-8137

This project is indoors.