Special Projects

Renova, 2015

Suitable for all ages

In association with Voitek Pendrak

The Lovers of the River Almonda, 2015

Luigi Ferrara - Toronto, Canada

Interactive Installation

The Lovers of the River Almonda is an interactive and participatory art installation created by artist and designer Luigi Ferrara in collaboration with photographer Voitek Pendrak and commissioned by Renova a global provider of paper consumption goods whose headquarters are located by the river Almonda in Torres Novas, Portugal.

In this work the public are invited to pose for a photograph as lovers sitting on a river bank within an artificial tableau created from coloured Renova tissue. The public submits key information online which is used to generate a customized love poem that is combined with their photograph and projected in a multimedia format.

People are able to participate during the event and after Scotiabank Nuit Blanche.

The installation is a piece that generates artworks as the photographs and poems are shared with the public during the event and through social media. The shared fragments of the work spread it's impact and experience beyond the timeframe of the event.

The work underlines the "infinite risk" that love presents humanity by asking people to publicly declare their intimate love through their presence in the piece and in it's dissemination.

Luigi Ferrara is an architect, artist and designer who is the Dean of the Centre for Arts, Design and Informatics at George Brown College. He collaborates with Voitek Pendrak who is a still and film photographer.


Bell Trinity Square

483 Bay Street (Inside main doors, north of Queen Street West)

This project is indoors.