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Mímir's Well, 2015

Suitable for all ages

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Mímir's Well, 2015

Michael Howatson - Toronto, Canada

Interactive Installation

Every culture has stories reaching back into time, passed down over generations. These are the memories of a land and people – the collective knowledge and wisdom of a place. Mímir's Well from Norse Mythology is where Odin sacrificed an eye, so he could drink from its waters. To honour Odin, we reimagined Mímir's Well as an immersive and transformative interactive sculpture – where the audience will be invited to tap into a deep history of wisdom and memory – in a purely personal way. Step up to the well and take an introspective moment while gazing at your reflection. But beware; some shapeshifting will occur.

Howie is the ECD of SapientNitro. He’s an experience designer, animator, illustrator, & artist. His work can be seen in several of Douglas Coupland's books including “God Hates Japan” & at the "Everywhere is anywhere is anything is everything” show at the ROM. Howie was also the animation producer on REM's "I'll take the Rain" music video.


QRC West - Queen Richmond Centre

134 Peter Street

This project is indoors.