Special Projects

Pattern Study (rendering), 2015

Suitable for all ages

This project is in support of H&M;'s Garment Collecting Initiative.

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Pattern Study, 2015

Amanda McCavour - Toronto, Canada


Pattern Study is a large-scale textile collage that explores pattern, texture and line in space by looking closely at the structures found in textile-felts, knits and woven fabrics. This work will zoom in on these fibre constructions to explore their lines and patterns and will then expand the scale of these textile structures to the scale of architecture. Moving from systems that suggest disorder (the scribble of felted fabric) to systems based on the grid (woven fabric), this installation will move from disorder to order and back again.

Hanging in space, viewers will be invited to move through the various layers in this installation that hang overhead, where lines overlap and dissolve into each other.

This work finds its visuals in the structures of fabrics we wear and uses donated fabrics from the H&M Garment Collecting Initiative to create this large-scale work. This project attempts to shift the proportion of textiles to a monumental scale and draws attention to the fabrics that touch us everyday. These fabrics are a resource and can be re-used and re-cycled. This project is a re-imagining of these interconnected and flexible systems.

Amanda McCavour is a Toronto based artist who explores line in the context of embroidery, drawing and large scale installation.  Her work explores thread and fiber’s duality- it’s subtle quality versus it’s accumulative presence and it’s structural possibilities versus it’s fragility. 


Union Station - West Wing

65 Front Street West (Front Street main entrance, west of the Great Hall)

This project is indoors.