The Work of Wind curated by Christine Shaw

Torus (Artist Rendering), 2015

Suitable for all ages

Thank you to Harbourfront Centre

Beaufort 5: Torus, 2015

Mary Mattingly - New York, USA

Interactive Installation

Toroidal topologies are found in tornados, whirlpools, vortexes and magnets. They have come to symbolize the movement of the earth around a solar system. Floating this architectural vessel on the water directs our movement around a continuum, echoing the watery pathways it rests upon. 

Torus acts as a peculiar meeting space with a watery center. The architecture demands particular arrangements, lending itself to multiple small gatherings and large groups who embrace the space’s tunnel effect. These events revolve around ongoing explorations of ritual, homage, and empathy through embracing loss in the Anthropocene Era

Just prior to sunset, the Torus is tugged to shore and tied to a pier where it will be docked for the night. As the boats depart a circular ceremony begins. People are invited to walk in and around the floating Torus and enjoy a serene space as the sun sets. Similar to the worldwide celebration of Yemenja, people are invited to celebrate the water. 

Mary Mattingly creates ecosystems. She recently undertook a three-part project, Flock House Project (2012), three spherical living-systems; Triple Island (2013), a community garden exhibited at Pier 42 in Manhattan; and WetLand (2014), a residency launched on the Delaware River in Philadelphia. Mattingly also founded the Waterpod Project, a barge-based public space habitat that migrated through New York’s waterways. Her work has been featured in Artforum, Grey Room, ArtNews, Art in America, New York Times, Le Monde, BBC & Art21.


231 Queens Quay West

231 Queens Quay West (South of Canada Square Park – 231 Queens Quay West. (Access from Lower Simcoe Street and Queens Quay West))

This project is outdoors.