The Work of Wind curated by Christine Shaw

Hit Parade (Toronto), 2012
Photo: Henry Chan

Suitable for all ages

Mixers: Mitchell Akiyama, Steve Bates, Chandra Bulucon, Allison Cameron, Martine H. Crispo, Jackie Gallant, Marla Hlady, Christof Migone, Don Pyle and Fleshtone Aura

Thank you to Yorkville Sound

Hit Performer Credits: Randi Aiken, Donna Akrey, Jack Bride, Michelle Bunton, Swannjie, Ronnie Clarke, Amy Cunningham, DaniƩle Dennis, Sophie Dow, Natalie Duncan, Rah Eleh, Crystal Finn-Dunn, Ellen Furey, Ethan Hayden, Dorica Manuel, David, Nichols, Nicole Nigro, Anna Norris, Robin Scott, Laura Snider, Christia Trutiak, Colin Tucker, Selina Twum, Steph Wechsler, Christopher Willes

Beaufort 6: Hit, 2015

Christof Migone - Toronto, Canada

Performance Art and Sound Installation

Hit is a performance using microphones as percussive instruments to sound a space. Performers hit various surfaces with the microphones, while invited artists mix the resulting sound into a live composition over an array of speakers. The performance is raw and visceral. The violence of the gesture is contrasted by the fact that the performers are lying down.

Hit focuses on repetitive and persistent beats that entwine sound, space, and time through a logic of labour and endurance. The rudimentary rendering can be heard as a lulling murmur or a grating noise; the volume will ebb and flow as the organic collective apparatus expends its energy. The performers are like stubborn automatons seeking to transpierce the material they are hitting. As sound factory workers, they leave their mark. The sound they produce is heard acoustically, but is also amplified and transformed.

Hit is a live rhythm machine made up of arms armed with microphones used as hammers. The collection of overlapping chaotic beats results in a resonating rumble that resembles the dull roar of urban activity. Hit punctuates space and parcels up time. What if every moment of our lives was a hit?

Christof Migone is an artist, curator and writer. His research delves into language & voice, bodies & performance, intimacy & complicity, sound & silence, rhythmics & kinetics, translation & referentiality, stillness & imperceptibility, structure & improvisation, play & pathos, pedagogy & unlearning, failure & endurance. He has performed and exhibited internationally. He currently lives in Toronto and is an Assistant Professor in the Department of Visual Arts at Western University in London, Ontario.


Queens Quay E. & Cooper St. (In park)

This project is outdoors.