Black and White Night curated by JR

PARK HERE (Artist Rendering), 2015

Suitable for all ages


Katy Chey - Toronto, Canada


PARK HERE is a play on words project. The ubiquitous signs advertising ‘Park Here,’ in Toronto’s downtown core, could make one believe that there are many pockets of hidden public park spaces in the city, when the opposite is the reality. This installation aims to transform what a parking lot could be, if it was indeed publicized as an urban green space – a Park. Here.

The project is actuated in a portion of City Hall's underground parking garage, although it could be adapted into any parking site in the city. PARK HERE shall physically reshape a commonplace property and re-engage it into an enjoyable public domain with the help and energy of the audience for one night. This temporary parkette hopefully makes people reflect on the value of finding surprise green spaces in a city and recognize its importance as a basic community asset that acts to define a sustainable and vibrant city.

Katy Chey is an architect living, working and teaching in Toronto. She likes parks.


City Hall (Underground Parking Garage)

100 Queen Street West (Accessible from ramp on Bay Street)

This project is both indoors and outdoors.