Scotiabank Nuit Blanche

PARADE curated by Patrick Macaulay

Photo: Margaux Williamson

Suitable for all ages

Thank you to Jon McCurley and Sagan MacIsaac


Margaux Williamson - Toronto, Canada

Performance Art

This project offers a sanctuary of non-spectacle and non-sound from sunset to sunrise.

Come join the HOW TO SEE IN THE DARK activist protest march which doesn’t move and doesn’t make a sound, in the fight against the total destruction of our Earth’s dark and sinisterly quiet nights. The manifesto explains why it’s so crucial to save the darkness, and how we can go about it --a darkness that has been nearly destroyed by our superstition and our science.

Learn how to see in the dark again. Have a seat or stand against a tree and look into the sky. Or help your eyes adjust from the harsh streetlamps by walking through the doorway of rediscovery to the real night, where the activists will guide you through the opposite of an awaking.

Together we can learn how to see in the dark again; how to appreciate forms of uncertainty which have no boundary or dimension. Let’s succumb to confusion and infinite possibilities that have been chased away by all our relentless search lights.

Join the fight for the dark – what is left of it.

Margaux Williamson lives in Toronto. She’s had solo exhibitions in Toronto, New York and Los Angeles. She contributes movie reviews for the cultural site Back to the World and her movie Teenager Hamlet premiered at the Toronto International Film Festival and can now be found on Ubuweb. Her work’s been covered by Canadian Art Magazine, The National Post, LA Times, UK’s Five Dials, The New York Times, New York’s Bomb Magazine among others. She is currently working on a new painting exhibition and catalogue set for 2014.


Queens Park Crescent East & St. Joseph Street

This project is outdoors.