Scotiabank Nuit Blanche

PARADE curated by Patrick Macaulay

Douglas Donald/Claire Ironside/Ruth Spitzerartist, (X)Static Clown Factory, 2013

Suitable for all ages

In association with Richard Kunst, clown-wrangler extraordinaire; all the (X)Static clowns; and Douglas Donald for his collaboration on the float design and construction.

With assistance from KH+A Printing Inc., DuPont Canada, Anagram International Inc. and Vintex Inc.

(X)Static Clown Factory, 2013

Ruth Spitzer - Toronto, Canada
Claire Ironside - Toronto, Canada

Multi-media and street performance

Inflated. Deflated. Clowns and balloons. It is a potent combination. Balloons inflate and cause wonder, deflate and cause despair. But what does it mean if there is no one to suffer the ecstasy of the one or the disappointment of the other? So if there are balloons there must be clowns.

(X)Static Clown Factory is a Seuss-inspired enactment of the economy of desire. These are working clowns, the float is their workshop, the parade route their assembly line, and we will experience the night shift. All within a static parade that, of course, makes no “progress” whatsoever.

A multi-media construction-come-depot, the float featuring balloons, custom inflatables, flagging tape, tyvek, helium, air, bubbles, and sound and light will be slowly stripped of its balloons throughout the night. Along the parade route, clowns equipped with specialized tools, gadgets and costumes, entertain through social commentary and by awarding clown paraphernalia, prizes, and ‘lantern’ balloons to the lucky and the brave. Depending on the hour you may meet a happy, sad, greedy, goofy or slightly nasty clown. Some onlookers will even be drawn in and ‘clownified’.

When the last clown has punched out and the morning shift has arrived, the (X)Static clown factory will fold up shop.

Ruth Spitzer   
Drawing on her education as a product designer, Ruth‘s multi-disciplinary practice focuses on creating innovative lifestyle concepts, household products and augmented accoutrements-come-devices. Her work has been exhibited internationally.

Claire Ironside
Claire’s practice, rooted in spatial design, visual communication and advocacy, explores the intersection between art, design and material craft. Current work focuses on imbuing form and event with narrative and the possibility for meaningful social engagement.


University Avenue & Gerrard Street West

This project is outdoors.