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Crash Cars, 2013

Suitable for all ages

Crash Cars, 2013

Alain Declercq - Paris, France

Performance Art

Two driverless cars are set to loop at the same speed. As their trajectory produces a figure-eight loop, the two cars risk brushing against each other, constantly threatening to collide. Through a playful action and a cynical tone, the artist manages to loop – in an absurd, daft manner – one of the most straightforward symbols of wealth and power.

Declercq scrutinizes several structures of power and the types of oppression they provoke, such as security schizophrenia, supervision, media manipulation. The artist's role-reversal game makes him an evidence hunter as well as a dysfunction provoker, aiming to reverse situations and preventing him from going around in circles.

Alain Declercq has managed to impose his work on the art scene by asserting a praxis where manipulation of the visible becomes the object of perceptive intrigue. Installations, photographs, drawings, and films are all means of exploring the languages of power and the forms of oppression they give rise to. With wit, and often with irony, Alain Declercq reveals systems, in different manners: shadowing, infiltration, and investigation.


Nathan Phillips Square, 100 Queen Street West

This project is outdoors.