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The Big Crunch (Rendering), 2013
Courtesy of ADAGP

Suitable for all ages

Thank you to Galerie Michel Rein, Paris, France

The Big Crunch, 2013

Franck Scurti - Paris, France


Franck Scurti's installation features bicycle wheels fitted with clockwork mechanisms. Each wheel mechanism also moves the hands of the clock in a reverse rotation. The wheels are exposed to the wall as mechanical gear and stools are placed in front of the wall so that spectators can sit and watch the wheels turn.

The artist refers here to the work of Marcel Duchamp's Bicycle Wheel, created in 1913, in which a bicycle wheel was affixed to a wooden stool. This work can be regarded as the spark of the "Big Bang" that gave birth to modern art and the "readymades".

This work tries to return to this idea of artistic creation as "Big Bang" upside down, and offers a visual and humorous contradiction, a mental "Big Crunch". The object returns to the point of origin, destabilizing the poetic notion of space and time.

Since appearing on the contemporary art scene in the 1990s, Scurti has been quickly recognized as a prolific artist. His work strives for continual renewal, offering examination of our contemporary times.

Questioning issues in geopolitics, mass economy, consumer society and the media, he creates unusual combinations between several sources of inspiration, with a special attention given to detail by reclaiming ordinary objects or juxtaposing elements for surprising and unexpected results.


1 Trinity Square (Access from Bay Street, south of Dundas Street West)

This project is outdoors.