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Clothesline Canopy: Concept Collage, 2013

Suitable for all ages

Sherri Newman, Tara Gaskin, Kristiana Schuhmann, Zack Eisenstein, Selen Levi, Megan Carroll, Sam Bruegger & William Vachon

Clothesline Canopy

Sherri Newman - Toronto, Canada
Tara Gaskin - Brantford, Canada
Kristiana Schuhmann - Richmond Hill, Canada
Megan Carroll - Saint Albert, Canada
Selen Levi - Montreal, Canada
Zachary Eisenstein - Toronto, Canada
Sam Bruegger - Vancouver, Canada
William Vachon - Halifax, Canada


A series of clotheslines are strung with 5,000 pairs of socks, creating a canopy overhead. The mass of socks reflect the number of people without adequate housing in Toronto. The series of clotheslines clustered together creates a sheltering effect for participants; the socks bring attention to the needs and living conditions of Toronto’s homeless population. Socks hung during the event will be collected and distributed to shelters throughout the city, supplying men, women and children with much needed warm items for the winter season.

This installation intends to raise awareness and dialogue amongst its audience as viewers recognize, through a visual experience, what the number 5,000 really looks like. The sheer quantity of socks emphasizes how many people in our city are without a safe home.

The artists are designers who live and work across Canada. They are alumni of the School of Architecture at Dalhousie University, Halifax, NS.


Trinity Square, Bay St. & Trinity Square (Located in front (west) of the Church of the Holy Trinity and accessible from Bay Street or Eaton Centre.)

This project is outdoors.