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lightbridge at the Puente de Luz (rendering), 2013

Suitable for all ages

Urban Visuals


Nathan Whitford - Toronto, Canada
Konstantinos Mavromichalis - London, UK
John Farah - Toronto, Canada
Sarah Keenlyside - Toronto, Canada

Light and Sound Installation

We see that space and time are intertwined. We cannot look out into space without looking back into time – Carl Sagan, Astronomer

lightbridge is a light and sound installation inspired by the notion that light is a bridge connecting the earth and the stars, through space, and in time.

Through an expansive enclosure of LED lights and a hypnotic musical score, lightbridge transforms a 250 ft pedestrian bridge into a kind of hyperspace tunnel.

As the viewer travels across the bridge, the lights shift and change as one loop of music harmoniously blends into the next. The only way for the viewer to fully experience the installation is to move through it.

Light artists Urban Visuals team up with art/film producer Sarah Keenlyside and composer John Kameel Farah in this light and sound collaboration.


Puente de Luz, Front Street West & Portland Street (Access bridge from the north at Portland Street, from the south at Iceboat Terrace and Dan Leckie Way)

This project is outdoors.