Scotiabank Nuit Blanche


Salons des Écureuil (rendering), 2013

Suitable for all ages

the knit cafe

Salons des Écureuil

The Knit Cafe


The squirrel is the unofficial mascot of Toronto.  Seen everywhere and sometimes taken for granted, the squirrel is the most prevalent wildlife the city has.  Although few have reached the celebrity status of the infamous Trinity Bellwood's White Squirrel all play an important part in adding to the character and vibrancy of our city. This installation aims to celebrate our city squirrels by transforming the Knit Cafe into a portrait gallery devoted to our furry friends.  Art work will be presented on plinths or in frames, with titles inscribed on plaques. All portraits will be hand made using knitting and felting techniques emphasizing the furriness of the subjects. Individual pieces will be handled differently emphasizing both the personality of the model, with the addition of dress and props, and the with diverse execution of style.

The Knit Cafe is a collective of textile artists and crafters.  This exhibition was created by Iwona Gontarska, Kristin Ledgett, and Kate Austin.


1050 Queen St. West, 416 533 5648

This project is indoors.