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Zone B Independent Project

Fortification for small worlds (Maquette), 2012
Photo: Cynthia Ravindran

Suitable for all ages

West Annex News

Fortification for Small Worlds

Emma Ravindran - Toronto, Canada


Trees in this park are wrapped in recreations of ecosystems (from the interiors of caves with their glittering rock formations and mineral deposits, to the dense spots in forests with damp moss and mushrooms), with small creatures scattered throughout.

You may participate by leaving something of yours behind in exchange for any object in the installation. The only condition is that you must leave something if you want to take something, and you must not take anything from the tree itself.

It’s kind of a way of keeping score (what are you willing to give up in exchange for something small?) and kind of a way to share (let’s add to each other's collections), and kind of a futile attempt to protect some things I hold dear (if I covered you in small sculptures and told people they could take them, as long as they did not touch you, would it work?)

Emma Ravindran graduated Etobicoke School of the Arts in 2010, and is currently completing her BFA at Concordia University. 


St. Patricks Market Square Park, 238 Queen Street West (Access the park by using the alleyways on either side of 238 Queen Street West.), 416-660-0003

This project is outdoors.