Scotiabank Nuit Blanche

Zone B Independent Project

Mini Poplar, 2012
Photo: Paul Cuthbert

Suitable for all ages

Dog Leg Media Inc.

Poplar Paradiso

Joanne Loton - Toronto, Canada
Andrea Stewart - Toronto, Canada
Armen Bazarian - Toronto, Canada
Joey Sadler - Toronto, Canada
Harry Knazan - Toronto, Canada
Al Biddle - Toronto, Canada


Meditating on the theme 'If it weren't for the buildings in between', Poplar Paradiso explores this possibility: if Nature reclaimed our urban environment, would the spirit of the city still remain?

A stand of poplar trees is illuminated by a sun that travels in an arc from sunrise to sunset in a collapsed day-to-night cycle.

During the day, the forest hums with the timeless pastoral rhythm of nature. But as the sun goes down and night comes, the forest echoes with sounds of a city remembered: dynamic, frenetic and charged. 

Humans look to nature for restoration, but we also crave the energy of our self-created urban environments, at once infinite creatures and temporal beings. The atmosphere of the installation offers space for participants to find reconciliation between these dualities of our human condition.

Collaborators from the fields of installation, sound design, music & lighting design each bring distinct skills to this interdisciplinary piece.


The Stables at Casa Loma, 328 Walmer Road (Across from Casa Loma's main entrance off Austin Terrace.)

This project is indoors.