Scotiabank Nuit Blanche

Zone A Independent Project

Wall Spray, 2012
Photo: Akira Inman

Suitable for all ages

Inman & Oxland

Wall Spray

Inman & Oxland - Toronto/Port Hope, Canada
Glenn Nakagawa - Toronto, Canada
Elicser Elliot - Toronto, Canada


Dry-stone wallers and graffiti artists collaborate together in building and painting a never-ending wall that will constantly change in pattern and design.  

Paint will inform where the stones are laid and stones will dictate new ways of painting.

Akira Inman & Evan Oxland collaborate with Elicser Elliot & Glenn Nakagawa, among other musicians and wallers, experimenting with walls and graffiti.


Woolfit's Art Supplies, 1153 Queen Street West

This project is outdoors.