Scotiabank Nuit Blanche

Zone A Independent Project

StripArt, 2012

Parental guidance advised

Guerilla Printing


Tyrone McCarthy - Toronto, Canada
Louie Diaz Jr. - Toronto, Canada
Darwin Santos - Toronto, Canada

Interactive Installation

We are stripping comics down to its core, bringing it back to its roots, taking away the gloss of Hollywood blockbusters and going back to the genesis of comic book creation.  

This fully interactive installation will give you the opportunity to participate directly with the medium of the comic book. StripArt will remind people that comics were once drawings, illustrations, thought bubbles of exposition, paper, and panels of art and narrative.

With the assistance of artists, StripArt will give people the experience of making a comic book: of thinking about character and their visual representation; dialogue and characters; of narrative arcs and punchy anecdotes.

So, come bring a comic book to life. Artists draw content sourced from your imagination, continuing plot from panels created from other participants, to create a strip of collaborative comic art.


587A College StreetCollege & Clinton, 416-903-3908

This project is indoors.